The wait was over, the feature of WhatsApp was that everyone had eagerly anticipated.

New feature of WhatsApp was that everyone had eagerly anticipated

After a long wait, Whatsapp has started rolling out the Recall or Revoke feature. With the help of this feature, messages sent once can be rescinded.

This information has been provided by Twitter, which gives information about WhatsApp WaBetaInfo. This new feature is rolling out to all users of Android, iOS, Windows.

Now Android, iOS, Windows users will be able to recall messages sent by accident on WhatsApp. According to WaBetaInfo’s report, this feature is being rolled out gradually.

The special thing is that the user will be able to recall the message of the same chats in which the updated version will be used on both sides.

This means that if both the sender and recipient receive the update, then this feature will be used.

Not only text but recolour feature GIF, image, voice messages can also be deleted. For this, you need to have your message rewritten within seven minutes of sending a message. After 7 minutes, users will not be able to recall or delete their message.

The special thing is that if you reply to a message by quoting it, then the message will not be deleted. Along with this, messages made in the broadcast list will not be deleted.

Now if the next time you send someone to your girlfriend, boss, friend, someone else goes on the WhatsApp, then there is no need to worry. You will get the option to edit and cancel the messages sent to you on WhatsApp. This will allow you to modify or cancel the messaging sent by mistake.

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